Dog's Have Rights!

To Healthy Food
This means real food, not just prepackaged food!

To Adequate Exercise
This means every day, no matter what the weather!

To Fun
Play time with you as well as with other dogs!

To A Comfortable Place To Sleep & Dream
This doesn't mean that it has to be your bed, just something that is theirs!

To Be Treated With Respect
Treat your dog with respect and you will see it returned tenfold!

To Be Trained In A Fair And Fun Manner
Dogs are not mind readers. If you have not taught them fairly and consistently, why would they understand?

A Social Life With Other Dogs
Dogs (with few exceptions) are social by nature. They deserve an active social life with other dogs; not just a life of isolation in your apartment!

To Not Being Surrendered Due to Random Life Changes
Just because you have a new love interest, different job, are moving or having a baby, doesn't negate your full responsibility to the life of your dog. Please realize before you get a dog that there is no farm out there waiting to take your dog in if you can no longer provide for their care. The truth of the matter is, most dogs given to shelters, will die in those shelters.

To Your Unconditional Love

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Should I Neuter My Dog?
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