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Stacy Alldredge
Owner and Director, Trainer (APDT), Certified Canine Nutrionist, Licensed Veterinary Technician

An ardent advocate on behalf of dogs for approximately 20 years, Stacy Alldredge is a specialist in canine behavior problems including aggression, separation anxiety, Obsessive/ Compulsive Disorder, and fear issues; big challenges that regularly confront the urban dog and their guardians.

Her work includes "puppy assessment" to aid the adoptee in the best selection for choosing a puppy, "temperament testing", (for the purpose of establishing adoptability of shelter dogs), as well as breed selection, and nutritional counseling.

In addition, Stacy and her staff teach beginner through advanced levels of canine obedience as well as the fun dog sports of Agility, Fly ball, Rally-O and Tricks. From teaching an 8 week old how to "sit" to teaching a 5 year old how to jump through your arms, Stacy is an award-winning competitor in both agility and obedience.

By employing a holistic and positive approach to understanding your dog's behavior and what makes them our unique companions, she is considered an expert recommended by NYC veterinary hospitals, behavior hotlines and animal shelters. Stacy considers herself not only a dog trainer but also a dog activist, and believes that dogs are a privilege and not just a right and should be treated as such.

Stacy is a consultant to numerous national and regional veterinary and breeder organizations as well as a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, The United States Dog Agility Association, The National Club for Dog Agility, and The North American Flyball Association, as well as multiple certificates in Applied Animal Behavior.

Stacy has successfully trained several thousand dogs and their guardians to enhance the quality of both their lives. She lectures regularly and has been featured on ABC's Good Morning America, NBC's Today in New York, Fox News as well as New York 1.

For more information, e-mail or call us at (212) 414-1551.

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